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Jerome's been away from the Innovative Support website for for just over a decade, while doing some stuff over at Akamai Technologies. As a result, this site is way out of date. But it's now being repurposed. It'll be a content driven site, focused on support- and technology-related topics, going forward. It'll still be about helping people, because that's who we are. Stay tuned.

New & Updated Pages!

Innovative Support provides high quality, low cost support services to small businesses and companies releasing new products and services.

We specialize in increasing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty while simultaneously reducing costs and eliminating waste. Our services and products are designed specifically to accomplish these goals.

We create a customized support package to meet the needs of each individual client. In addition, our services are structured to allow the client to deliver premium quality support to their customers, while receiving exactly the level and amount of support needed at any given time. The client pays only for the level and amount of support delivered, eliminating non-productive time, costs, and other waste.

Can you receive premium quality, personalized support AND reduce your costs? Yes, you can. Let us show you how.

Please contact us for more information.

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